Are you looking for an effortless casual look? Are you tired of carrying heavy attires? Are you confused regarding choosing party wear? Well, all these questions are some major ones. But you can get the answers to these questions by just one attire, which is a pleated skirt. This skirt is one of the underrated types of skirts in recent years. This is because of other overrated attires that are quite tough to carry. Wasting no time on these topics, let’s get to the point. A Pleated skirt will do the job for you on any occasion. Let’s know more about a pleated skirt.

You would have heard about a pleated skirt. Well, it was unfortunate that this skirt didn’t receive the deserved clout and popularity. But, nowadays everyone wants to dress comfortably and slay the look. But, it is quite tough to put a classy lookout. A Pleated skirt has a tight-fitting from the waist. Also, there are pleats to make it even more skin fitting to your waistline. Therefore, this is called a Pleated skirt.

The conversation regarding a pleated skirt does not end here because there is much more to talk about. There are several types of pleated skirts in the market. These skirts are quite trendy in 2020. Originally a pleated skirt was not as popular as other skirts. Due to the reliability of this skirt, it has again knocked on the door of the market. Box pleated skirt is one of the fashionable skirts in this field. You can also try Cartridge pleats because you would find it attractive. One of the significant advantages of these skirts is that you do not have to select suitable attire. A pleated skirt can be complemented by any appropriate attire you have.

Let’s take a look at what are the options for you with a pleated skirt.

Black pleated skirt with a bold red sleeveless top

Black is one of those colors which will never make you look ordinary. Yes, it is an everyday color, but here is the thing. Black is regular but unique at the same time. You can wear everything literally on a black pleated skirt and still slay the look. Your look should complement your style and confidence. Talking about the skirt, you can wear a full black skirt. If not, then you can wear a black pleated skirt with white stripes only if you want. We highly recommend a plain black skirt. Now, talking about the upper wear, it is upto you. You can wear a plain red or blue sleeveless top.

But avoid wearing a light-colored top. Your look will not have that spark. We recommend you wear a decent pair of earrings. Try to avoid a heavy pair of jewelry. Also, you should wear medium heels according to your ability to carry the look. This combination is quite easy to carry and reliable.

Metallic skirt

Metallic skirts are one of the underrated skirts in the market. You would have seen the Kardashians wearing this skirt while walking on the streets. You can also adapt the same look without any significant issue. First of all, you need to select a decent metallic skirt with pleats on it. Try not to choose a heavy one because you need to make this attire look effortless. Then, you should make your style look unique.

Pull your hair up and let it be messy. This look should not be perfect because if it’s not perfect, it’s perfect. We suggest a beautiful white top or you can also opt for a white blouse. These two are the ideal choices for a metallic pleated skirt. You should pluck it in your shirt to give it an outcast look. Also, you need to carry a white handbag. This handbag will provide the finishing touch to your perfect casual look. Also, if you need to purchase decent skirts, then you should visit Yishion SG. You would find a wide range of pleated skirt Singapore. You can select as per your choice.

Corporate pleated skirt

You can also call it as a formal skirt with pleats. Well, there is always a requirement of styling yourself with minimal effort. With this skirt, you can do so. This is one of the most tranquil formal looks in recent years. First of all, you need to select a stylish and formal skirt. You need to take care that this card doesn’t look like a complete designer skirt. This is because you are supposed to wear them formally.

Then, the most crucial attire is a plain white shirt. A white shirt will give it a formal look. Also, you should add a jacket or blazer to make it look stylish. The advantage of wearing a white shirt is that you can remove your blazer if you want. Here, you should not wear a tie. You need to wear decent medium heels on this look. We do not recommend you to wear a pencil heel. Last but not least, a small handbag will give this look a final formal essence. This look and can quickly become a “go-to” formal look.

Pleated short skirt

Short skirts have been dominating the cool mainstream outfits. You cannot just ignore the popularity of these skirts. Pleated short skirts are a smart choice for any party or weekend outing. There are no such complications in carrying this look. You need to wear a short black skirt with small pleats on it. It will make your skirt look cool and casual. Again, do not select a designer skirt. Then, you can wear a plain white or grey t-shirt. We suggest a grey t-shirt heavily because it will blend perfectly.

Now you have to wear a loose jacket on it. A black coat will be a casual and decent choice. Do not worry about the color combination due to the black skirt. This look will not disappoint on any occasion. One of the main requirements is a big black boot. Over the knee boots will make this look crazy and perfect. Talking about your hairstyle, a usual bun would be ideal. Do not try something extra with your hair. To make this look complete, add a handbag. To sum up all, this look is one of the stylish attires for you with a short pleated skirt.

We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information needed.